SparsitySparsity Technologies is a spin-off of the Technical University of Catalunya, UPC and, in particular, of the research group DAMA-UPC. Sparsity was created in 2010 and it inherited the expertise, technology and knowledge of the 13-year trajectory of DAMA-UPC. Sparsity specializes in high performance management for large data sets, with particular experience in data cleansing and integration, and the management of large datasets in the form of graphs. The experience of Sparsity goes from the analysis of fraud in large scale registrar’s transactions repositories, to the exploration of large bibliographic scientific sources. The life of the company has started with two significant projects on the analysis of social networks with Havas Media and ACCESO Group. Sparsity Technologies has a high technological twist providing high speed solutions for the management of graphs, and in particular, DEX. The knowledge of computer architecture provided by the Department of Computer Architecture at UPC, where it spun from, allows for a good balance between the knowledge in algorithmic techniques and the exploitation of performance in high end computers which leads to top of the line technology solutions. Sparsity Technologies has a profound experience in R&D projects where technology plays an important role including Social Media and Buscamedia (both Spanish CENIT projects). In additon, although not part of the consortium, Sparsity collaborates in some of the tasks of LDBC (EU FP7 ICT project) performing benchmarks, and Josep L. Larriba-Pey is the general coordinator of the project.