quartet fsQuartet FS provides organisations with instant insight into their operational processes for timely and context-aware decision-making. Quartet FS’s analytical in-memory technology, ActivePivot, brings analytical capabilities into data-intensive and time-sensitive business processes including risk management, supply chain management, compliance and CRM. ActivePivot uniquely allows business users to produce, analyse and monitor complex performance indicators in real-time and to extract actionable intelligence from massive amounts of complicated and fast-moving data. This business insight is made possible by ActivePivot’s innovative ability or aggregate data ‘on the fly’, to integrate complex business logic and to perform what-if simulations, while leveraging the power of in-memory computing. Quartet FS, founded in 2005, is a privately owned company with offices in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. It serves customers in various industries including, but not limited to financial services, logistics, transportation, market exchanges and retail.

website: http://quartetfs.com/