monetdbMonetDB is the world leading open-source column store targeted at data warehouse solutions. MonetDB BV was incorporated in 2008 as a spin-off of Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science. Its mission and goal is to foster the takeup of the open-source MonetDB code base in all economic sectors. To achieve this goal it provides technical consultancy on a per-project basis and invest heavily in close-to-market SMEs aimed at specific product market combinations. MonetDB BV co-founded VectorWise BV in 2008, which provided a new database kernel for a legacy database system, called Ingres. VectorWise was sold end of 2010 to Actian. MonetDB BV co-founded Spinque BV in 2010, which provides information retrieval technology using the MonetDB code base. In particular, its main product line is Search By Strategy, which consists of domain specific search engine technology.