inriaINRIA is the national research institute in computer science in France. INRIA is dedicated to fundamental and applied research in information and communication science and technology (ICST). The Institute also plays a major role in technology transfer by fostering training through research, dissemination of scientific and technical information, development, as well as providing expert advice. By playing a leading role in the scientific community in the field and being in close contact with industry, INRIA is a major contributor to the development of ICST in France and Europe. INRIA has eight research centres distributed over France, and is organized as project-teams within centre. The project-team involved here is Zenith (, a joint team between INRIA and University Montpellier 2, based in Montpellier. It is part of the Research Centre «INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée» (CRI-SAM). The main scientific priorities of the centre include: communication and ubiquitous computing. The Zenith team (20 researchers and PhD students) headed by P. Valduriez and E. Pacitti brings strong expertise in data management in distributed systems. It focuses on scientific data issues with three major directions: data integration, data and process sharing, and scalable data analysis. The team has strong experience in building industrial-strength prototypes and technology transfer (e.g. the ATL model transformation tool as a standard Eclipse plugin, the transfer of the Disco information mediator to the Kelkoo startup).