CoherentPaaS partners organize the BOSS’16 workshop (Big Data Open Source Systems) at VLDB 2016.
The results of the project will be presented in the Polyglot Data Management Session.



The traditional tags for databases have been rendered obsolete since new data management technologies emerge with a combination of traditional and new capabilities that are transforming the database world. There are many open research challenges in which many different data stores coexist and even ecosystems and architectures based on multiple data stores, such as the lambda architecture. The new technologies have brought new data models and query languages more appropriate for certain kinds of problems such as key-value data stores, document data stores, and graph databases. In this context developers must deal with this data diversity in order to get insights and knowledge from the different data stores. Moreover, guaranteeing consistency across data stores has become a major issue due to the polyglot persistence trend. Also the frontier between OLTP and OLAP databases is blurring up resulting in near-real time and real-time analytical databases.

This session presented different technologies in this evolving arena of new data management technologies combining multiple capabilities.

The event took place in New Delhi, India – September 9th, 2016.