CoherentPaaS organized the first public workshop:  Workshop on Towards Convergence of Big Data, SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL, Data streaming/CEP, OLTP and OLAP – DataDiversityConvergence 2016.

This event was collocated with CLOSER conference, and took place in Rome, Italy on April 25th, 2016.

The advent of many new paradigms to manage data such as NoSQL, NewSQL, CEP and its co-existence with former paradigms such as OLTP and OLAP SQL databases has resulted in a new technological world that has been termed Polyglot Persistence by Martin Fowler in his bestseller “NoSQL distilled”. There are many open research challenges in this world in which many different data stores coexist and even ecosystems and architectures based on multiple data stores, such as the lambda architecture.
The new technologies have brought new data models and query languages more appropriate for certain kinds of problems such as key-value data stores, document data stores, and graph databases. In this context programmers must deal with this data diversity in order to get insights and knowledge from the different data stores used in a company. Moreover, consistency across data stores cannot be guaranteed.
Moreover, with a paramount need for the efficient manipulation and comprehensive analysis of big data has emerged. However, the interpretation of big data sets into interactive meaningful visualizations that meet the aforementioned needs is still a major research challenge in the HCI domain.
This workshop aims to serve as a meeting point between academia and industry interested in research technologies related to polyglot persistence and big data visualization, aiming to engage experts from the different domains that contribute to the topics of polyglot persistence and big data visualization.