Coherent and Rich PaaS with a Common Programming Model

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Your Private ‘Big Data’ Storage

Content by Your Private ‘Big Data’ Storage How many pictures do you take each day? Where do you store them? Most back their...

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Analytics Showdown: Should Apps Be Simpler, Or Smarter?

Content by “The fact that there are only four buttons on the Wave mobile app shows that we want to reach every user,”...

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Top five priorities for the CIO in 2015

Content by I’ll a stab at them and would love to hear back from CIOs. You can also respond at length in our new CIO Question....

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Cloud Machine-to-Machine

Process, store and analyse huge amount of M2M events for rating, invoicing, fraud identification and management! The Cloud Machine-to-Machine (M2M)... Read More

Real-Time Network Performance Analysis

Analyse at real-time hundreds of thousands transactions in a telco environment, and simplify application development through declarative queries!... Read More

Media Planning

Analyse social media, news or blogging data by querying the original data sources with no need for data integration!   The Media Planning case... Read More

Bibliographic Search

Obtain the relationships between authors and reputation during runtime from various repositories such as Wipo, DBLP, PubMed, ArXiv, Twitter, DBpedia,... Read More

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